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Supplier of WMS Software for Logistics

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Supplier of WMS Software for Logistics

This software supplier of warehouse management systems (WMS) came to GMA with a website that was languishing on page four of Google for its main search terms. With an outdated website that was sorely in need of a design and SEO refresh and the client taking an ad-hoc internal approach to marketing, the product was a desirable one – but prospects were unable to see that fact during their customer journey.

Our client was one of the first in the WMS market to offer the high level of customer engagement and en-route tracking that has now been adopted by many other businesses. However, their lacklustre marketing was failing to communicate this – along with the other multitude of strengths and USPs the product offered.

Software marketing is a different beast to many other types of marketing, with its own recipe for success. Something we see frequently with software companies is that the product is let down by the business’s marketing assets – but the secret is that there is a simple and effective way to market software. We call this “the funnel method”.

We introduced our client to this method, designing and producing all of the necessary assets for it to ensure it truly made an impact. Our sales funnels led would-be customers through tailored assets – such as landing pages and email campaigns – designed to function like movie trailers, introducing them not just to the software but more importantly, to what the software could do for them. 

With software, allowing prospects to see the product in-situ is vital, so we produced movie-trailer tasters, and then more detailed demo videos showing off how the product works, allowing customers to visualise themselves using it. However, it was our next step that truly revolutionised our client’s marketing: the software’s downloadable demo.

Many WMS software businesses will offer a demo version for customers to experience for themselves, but these usually come with empty databases. This is where the majority of enquiries are lost into the ether rather than converted into leads. Frustrated by having to spend valuable time and effort populating a demo’s database, many would-be customers lose interest all together. 

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The Discovery Session leads to me developing a marketing strategy for you. This is a bespoke and detailed marketing strategy of over 50 pages. We would normally charge £2400 for stand-alone sessions like this, but I am happy to do this free of charge after our initial phone call.

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