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Innovative Provider of Full-Service Print Production

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Innovative Provider of Full-Service Print Production

This client came to GMA with a fresh new management team inheriting a print business with a long history in binding and brochures. The business had built an image within the industry as a traditional print business but, as the new management team told our strategy team, wanted to spread its wings and diversify.

We agreed that finding new ways to diversify was the right way forward. Working together with our client, our strategy team identified several new routes and USPs, including one that would come to define the business as a new industry-voice in the print sector: three unique divisions.

The business was already able to offer design and fulfilment services either side of its traditional print offering, but these unique features were not well-communicated, nor a formal entity, with a few customers taking advantage of the informal process of delivery. Worse, it became clear through our initial discussions that our client was actually giving away many valuable services for free.

Creating a clear and easy-to-follow communication of the client’s new trio of departments was essential to their success. We knew that if customers could not understand the client’s concept – a full-service, streamlined supply chain for print production – then all subsequent promotion would fail. This essential building block formed the foundation for the rest of the client’s collateral, starting with a process graphic illustrating the print supply chain as it made a complete journey from design to delivery through the client’s range of services.

As the business model developed, so did the client’s range of products – and helping them design, develop and promote their new offerings, including an award-winning direct mail range, was just part of the work we supported them in pioneering.

Today, though each department is able to offer a complete service on its own, the true advantage for the client and its customers lies in the full end-to-end service – a unique and attractive offering in the client’s market. We continue to support them, with post-strategy consultancy and marketing on an ongoing basis.

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