Future-Proof Engineering Marketing

Industry-Leading Engineering Manufacturer

How to develop a highly effective, future-proof and business-winning marketing and sales function.

Industry-Leading Engineering Manufacturer

For just under a decade we have worked with this engineering company to create and deploy a compelling marketing strategy that has propelled them to leaders of their industry, with a significant UK market share.

The client’s previous Managing Director contacted GMA after seeing one of our marketing pieces for another client. The client, who was engaging a design agency, web agency, PR company and marketing agency, was spending close to £100,000 on magazine advertising alone – but seeing no tangibe leads.

Well behind their main competitor, our client asked us to help them increase their market share, gain more leads, and cement their place in the industry as a leader, rather than a follower.

Our first order of business was to create a more cohesive strategy for the business. Using four different agencies meant that the client’s strategy had become disjointed, with each agency working against each other’s efforts and undermining the final result. 

We quickly realised that our client had many competitive advantages that simply were not being promoted: their product range and diversity, the long life of their machines, the high quality of their results, and the total cost of ownership. As experts on marketing engineering businesses, we know what appeals to the market: evidence and tangible results. Our strategy focused on promoting our client’s many advantages by showing, rather than telling.

Alongside promoting our client’s strengths, we analysed their main competitors’ own strengths – and weaknesses. This allowed us to create targeted marketing collateral attacking the competitors directly for a larger market share. 

One of our most successful campaigns featured case studies and testimonials from our client’s happy customers, addressing common pain points in the market – and how our client could help. A runaway success, this campaign alone resulted in £700,000 worth of business for our client.

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GMA bring us so many innovative solutions to our marketing, it has been a major factor in knocking the number 1 competitor off their spot.

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The Discovery Session leads to me developing a marketing strategy for you. This is a bespoke and detailed marketing strategy of over 50 pages. We would normally charge £2400 for stand-alone sessions like this, but I am happy to do this free of charge after our initial phone call.

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