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Global Provider of Chemicals for Rubber and Plastic

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Global Provider of Chemicals for Rubber and Plastic

When we first met this client – a manufacturer and supplier of chemicals to the rubber industry – they were selling just a handful of products, with a narrow scope and an artificially small market share. Over the course of our first 12 months with them, we helped them grow their market share, product range, and potential customer base to unprecedented levels – and they still continue to grow.

Our strategy team worked hand-in-hand with the business’s new Managing Director to develop the business’s offering. Though our client initially only targeted the rubber industry, our joint analysis allowed them to branch out to other markets that their product could be adapted for – including plastics, shipping and steel.

Targeting a new market is a big undertaking, particularly when it’s accompanied by the launch of a new product. We supported our client from start to finish, with prospecting for each new market to find relevant contacts, market research, and a complete package of collateral, assets and campaigns- including packaging and brand design, technical data sheets, email campaigns, social media advertising, and more.

When GMA began working with this client, their online offering was limited to a handful of pages on their parent business’ website, offering a small range of products to a limited market. Today, the client boasts their own SEO-optimised website, with a significantly expanded product range catering to a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Any marketing agency can design a website – but it’s the methodology and strategy behind it that decides whether it sinks or swims. We combined tangible, evidence-based claims – such as “Improve your solution’s porosity by 20%” – with agile market research that allowed us to tailor our messages to each individual industry. We’ve combined this approach with a full range of collateral allowing our client to make a global sell to multiple new markets.

Our client now continues to diversify their product range for untapped applications and markets – and we’re right there alongside them, with the agility to react quickly and efficiently to new turns in the road. We are heavily involved in their business planning sessions each quarter, where we act as a true partner with advice on market approach, prospecting strategies, market research, competitor analysis and of course, we are their delivery partner for all of their content, design, development and lead generation campaigns.

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We find GMA very easy to work with and they have helped us to increase revenues.

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The Discovery Session leads to me developing a marketing strategy for you. This is a bespoke and detailed marketing strategy of over 50 pages. We would normally charge £2400 for stand-alone sessions like this, but I am happy to do this free of charge after our initial phone call.

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