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Global Nickel Plating Company

When this British nickel plating company first got into touch with GMA, they were suffering from lean leads, unranked on Google, and missing out on untapped markets. It was our combination of consultancy and marketing delivery that took this business to the top of Google throughout Europe in four different languages.

While many agencies might have simply revamped the website, put together some email campaigns, and left the business to struggle along month-by-month, we were more interested in learning why it was performing the way it was – and how we could fix it.

The company boasted the largest nickel plating tank in Europe – but this was completely unpromoted on their website and in their marketing collateral, despite being a significant USP. In fact, the company was only targeting the UK, despite having the facilities and expertise to do business with the entirety of Europe.

We took the business from a minor player in the market to the global industry leader, seeing over 50 leads through their website each month, converting 60% to orders with an average order value of £7000 per job. Also new clients stayed with them and re-ordered. 

We optimised the client’s website in a variety of different ways, including a full SEO analysis that ranked it number one on Google for all of its chosen keyphrases. As we were now targeting the European market, we also made sure the site was translated into the four most common European languages – and we ranked it at the top of Google for those language’s keyphrases too.

We also engaged European businesses directly, with targeted press releases, email campaigns, social media advertising and telemarketing. 

Our success was convincing, with the owner able to grow his business enough to sell it at a major profit, moving on to begin a new business – which he engaged us to market. Having grown from a small engineering company to a world-leading industry leader, our work with the business took it from local to global.

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The leads that you have brought into the business keeps me full in sales capacity!

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The Discovery Session leads to me developing a marketing strategy for you. This is a bespoke and detailed marketing strategy of over 50 pages. We would normally charge £2400 for stand-alone sessions like this, but I am happy to do this free of charge after our initial phone call.

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