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Global Manufacturer of CNC Machining Centres

When this manufacturing client first approached us, they had 80 years of experience and a strong reputation in the industry behind them – but had become stuck within a small niche that was stifling their revenue.

The client, a manufacturer of CNC machinery, was well-known throughout the industry, but primarily supplied to the aerospace sector. Through our discovery sessions, our strategy team found that the client’s product range boasted features and competitive advantages that could appeal to a wide range of industries, including steel, education, and manufacturing. However, the sheer diversity and size of the client’s range meant that creating a focused marketing strategy that could target these sectors was a challenge.

Our strategy began by creating a segmented marketing approach, targeting each industry with tailored messages and campaigns focusing on the specific products and competitive advantages most likely to appeal. Through strategic use of landing pages, we were able to simplify our approach, drilling down to the key details most relevant to specific industries, machines and even prospects themselves.

When the client initially approached us, they were using an old database of prospects which we analysed and discovered still included many outdated contacts. This was severely handicapping the client – not only were their marketing messages going unheard, the high volume of outdated contacts was flagging spam filters. Our prospecting team got to work, and now the client’s database has grown significantly, with 8000 live contacts and counting.

One of GMA’s specialties is marketing engineering and manufacturing companies – so our team understood that our client would be best served by a technical sell, highlighting the tangible results and capabilities of each machine.

Along with targeted landing pages and email campaigns, our work with this client sees us produce social media advertising and content, video case studies, magazine advertising, press releases – and a completely redesigned website, revamping the business’s outdated site with a new, SEO-optimised powerhouse.

Thanks to GMA’s strategy, the client has now branched out from aerospace to a variety of markets, adding lucrative new revenue streams across the world. Despite the pandemic, December 2020 saw the client’s best month for sales in a decade – and their leads continue to grow.

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Since working with GMA we have seen a big increase in visitors to our new website and another increase in enquiries to our sales department.

Dugard CEO

The Discovery Session leads to me developing a marketing strategy for you. This is a bespoke and detailed marketing strategy of over 50 pages. We would normally charge £2400 for stand-alone sessions like this, but I am happy to do this free of charge after our initial phone call.

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