A marketing company for the engineering and manufacturing sectors

Our marketing company has a lot of experience working with engineering companies. We have worked with engineers of all sizes and scales, from large to small and from local to global. Each company had very different needs when it came to marketing, which was exciting for us when it came to creating different marketing strategies for them all, and working with them to deliver it:

  • An engineering company based in the North of England. they initially spoke to us about being their entire department. After redeveloping their website we developed and implemented an entire marketing strategy, which involved lots of traditional methods such as direct mail and telemarketing, mixed with modern methods like SEO and email marketing.
  • A specialist engineering company based in the Midlands with a very small - but nationally located - target market. After four years of working with them we have been instrumental in getting them from £70k per month to over £350k per month in turnover. The vast majority of the leads were from their organic website ranking. We are now promoting them throughout Europe, and to that end, we have developed several websites for the client in different European languages. This client has also taken advantage of our video marketing services to demonstrate their manufacturing process to the layman.

  • We employ all of the marketing skills and marketing services that you would need within your company to form a full marketing department; so that you don't have to. These include graphic designers, website developers and telemarketers, whilst our marketing consultants and our marketing support team are experts in organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, PR and event management services. All - or some - of your marketing activity can be outsourced to our agency at a fixed monthly fee.
    For more on our marketing services for engineering, visit our dedicated website.

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    The full name of our company is Grapevine Marketing Agency Limited.

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