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Grapevine has a lot of experience working with companies in the professional sector, such as solicitors, accountants and financial advisers. Having worked with professional companies for nearly a decade, we are able to understand a large amount of legal and financial terminology, and different elements of law to enable us to utilise our marketing services to create campaigns that can be understood by prospective clients who may not have any financial or legal knowledge.

Law and finance examples

  • A fast-growth law firm that was looking to grow their reputation in the region. We consolidated their brand and, through wise use of social media marketing and effective search engine optimisation, gave them an online presence for all their specialist services. We helped them to organise events and created detailed bespoke campaigns to target specific industry sectors. We used most of the methods from the strategy diagram below. 

  • An outsourced accountancy provider who wanted to increase leads into their business. We use most of the marketing methods from our diagram below.

  • The UK's leading trademark and patent law firm who wanted to refresh their corporate identity and create a marketing plan to go alongside this. Working with this company involved a lot of activity to raise awareness of the implications of not protecting your intellectual property.

  • A financial group that incorporated several companies, dealing in everything from traditional accountancy and outsourced tax work through to bespoke financial software. Their marketing plan incorporated lots of different methods from our diagram below.

Our passionate marketing company employs all of the marketing skills and services that you would need within your company to form a full marketing department; so that you don't have to. These include marketing consultants, graphic designers, website developers and telemarketers, whilst our marketing consultants and our marketing support team are experts in organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, PR and event management. All - or some - of your marketing activity can be outsourced to our agency at a fixed monthly fee.



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