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Grapevine, a specialist marketing company based in Derby, Nottingham and London, provide customised marketing services to the business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) environments.


Our marketing company differ from our competitors in that rather than outsourcing the elements that we don't do, we employ all of the skills and services that you would need within your company to constitute a full marketing department - just like a blue-chip company - but at the cost of one employee. Our agency marketing consultants, graphic designers, website developers and telemarketers, whilst our marketing consultants and our support team are experts in:



We also have our own photography and video studio onsite with the capability to cover video marketing, corporate videos and video blogging, plus full studio lighting equipment for all kinds of photography services ranging from studio shots to location work. 


The flexible fee structure for our services

There are two ways that you can work with us. All or part of your activities can be outsourced to us at a fixed monthly fee. We also work on a rolling three month contract, and we took this measure to enable our clients to feel comfortable with the way we operate together without signing up for a long period.  

Read more about our full marketing service. 


If you don't require a fully outsourced company to work alongside you, then you are able to take advantage of our ad-hoc marketing service, which will enable you to use us on an individual basis for campaigns or elements that you cannot fit into your existing marketing team. Businesses come to us for ad-hoc marketing support for items such as website design and build, email marketing, video, content writing for PR activities, graphic design, photography and much more.


Our dedication to provide our clients with business growth

We have many case studies and testimonials that represent our work, and these vary from engineering to law, and consumer goods to business services. We are proud of our reputation of providing solid business growth under our guidance.


"We are now unavoidable on Google after working with Grapevine!"


"As a company we cannot look beyond the massive success we have had with lead generation."


We also work with existing marketing management

Around 20% of our work is executed alongside a company's existing marketing manager or director. They will generally use us as an outsourced marketing company for their strategic or non-strategic work. As our employed skill set includes all areas of the modern mix, we are able to provide support in areas that are not a strong point for the manager/director - whilst remaining a partner rather than a threat. Read more about how we work with marketing employees.  


"As the Marketing Director, there are certain specialist tasks that require outsourcing, so being able to assign these to Grapevine Marketing Agency at a lesser cost is great value for money."




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